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Best erotic massage in Madrid

Best erotic massage in Madrid

Erotic Massages in Madrid Masajes Callao. If you’re looking to enjoy a unique experience, in the center of Madrid, Masajes Callao is your place. We specialize in Erotic and relaxing  massages.

We can assure you that our erotic massages are at another level. We have a  team of qualified and  beautiful masseuses and offering some of the following types of massage: Erotics, Relaxing, Fetish massage, Four Hands Massage, Nuru or Body to Body Massage, Prostate Massage, Soapy Massage…etc

Our facilities are discreet and well situated. Masajes Callao is located in the heart of Madrid, on the Glorieta de Bilbao and is easily accessed from the Bilbao Metro Station.

All our massages are performed by sensual erotic masseuses in Madrid with a lot of experience. Choose which masseuse you want to give you one of our massages and live an unforgettable moment.

Easy parking nearby, well connected and discreet at once. With attention to separate rooms where customers ensure your privacy .

Masajes Callao is the best place to relax and have your erotic massage in Madrid. Chose yours, and be happy. Have a happy ending.
We offer a wide range of massages, which carry out by our massagists, experts. Get to know us better!

SENSITIVE-EROTIC MASSAGE (with happy ending)

The sensitive-erotic massage is a gratifying and pleasant technique that provides emotional and physical relaxation, being a different way of feeling sexuality. With our massages you will discover your ability to receive pleasure through a series of caresses in the erogenous zones that will restructure your spiritual and mental balance.

For this massage, the masseuse adds an ​intense and delicious pleasure at the end of the massage in order that you reach the desired climax.


The “g-spot” of the man is at the entrance of the anus, where the touches are capable of generating an indescribable and overwhelming pleasure, as you can never have imagined. Ecstasy is fully assured.


Four Hands Massage for you with the extra of  Lesbian Show. Two spectacular masseurs begin to interact with each other with kisses, touches, caresses.
The 4-hand massage generates a feeling of shared trust and fullness in the person receiving it.
Indicated for those who seek a totally new experience in relaxation and pleasure. The sensation that you will perceive is unique and unequaled. A luxury for your body.


It will be an absolutely rewarding experience where you and your partner can enjoy a new form of eroticism, where you can interact not only with the masseuse, but among you, with the maximum freedom to experience all the tantric sensations that you can get in your massage session.
We assure you that you will leave the place fully relaxed, comforted and with many wishes to return to visit our rooms.


If you think foot massage is heaven, then take the next step and allow yourself to experience a full sensual body massage and discover a whole world of new pleasures that will exhilarate you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes!

You can choose –also- Games of domination and submission… In Masajes Callao we have expert masseuses in the field who can offer you an erotic sado where you can fulfill your fantasy of being dominated.


The soapy bath is a refreshing massage that always raises the temperature

This massage is performed completely naked exchanging caresses with the masseuse (or two), being a totally different massage with total eroticism.


Our pretty masseuse will spill a suitable portion of nuru gel on your body and will begin to disperse it, until each piece of your skin is smeared by it. Then, she will make you an infinitely sensual body-to-body massage where you can feel the overwhelming closeness of the masseuse and the agility with which her body slides over yours.

The nuru gel allows the Nuru Massage to be more effective thanks to its slippery effect. The two bodies glide with more agility and efficiency on each other, producing a very pleasant and stimulating heat.

And also, Masajes Callao offer the best price/quality relationship in Madrid.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are looking for a unique experience and reach new levels of pleasure, contact us and visit us at Callao Massages, your trusted erotic massage center in Madrid, where your pleasure is our goal.

Meet us! We’re waiting for you!


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